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Tuesday, 03 April 2012



Chris, what you said about innovation really struck a cord with me. Innovation is not the icing on the cake, it is fundamentals, and organisations who wants to last in the long run should place innovation at it's heart.

But perhaps an established company simply just got too much to lose, and they are no longer hungry for change.

Look at Disney, they could not produce any blockbusters after The Lion King because they kept on going with the same success path while the technology and audience has moved on. It's only when they partnered with Pixar, they were able to produce movies that sells. What worked in the past doesn't alway work in the future, and that is the very struggle we have today with our business and our clients.

There just seem to be a striking clear pattern here, that existing successful businesses are destined to fail at innovation in the long run. Because often, the focus is on profit and revenue. Questions gets asked often sounds like, "if I do this, how much profit will that make?" When that happens, it leaves room for no error, and it bounds us into the existing way.

Dig in a bit deeper, innovation needs to be driven from top, because the CEO has to be willing to say, I am going to dedicated certain amount of resource for people to make mistakes and test out new grounds, in order to learn and innovate our business. That's what Apple was able to do, and what IBM has done so with their business model.

As for agencies, we need to stop paying attention to billing rankings.

chris stephenson

thanks for the comment Xikan. yup I think it's definitely harder for established players to innovate but as you've pointed out the proof is there in the form of market leaders who have... and as for billing rankings - I hear ya!

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