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Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Timothy Eastwood

Man, Scott Pilgrim vs The World was an entertaining watch, and I've read the comic book to see how faithful the adaptation is. Being entertaining and all, The Expendables was the action movie of the year due to its all-star cast of ensuring that every scene will be full of action that will make your teeth fall off and making your run to your dentist, while cracking you up in laughter (especially the scene with Terry Crews on it), that's why I bought the Blu-ray disc to watch it again in my home in Goose Creek.

Brady Cartee

I agree with you Timothy, Scott Pilgrim vs The World is really a great one. It brought back all the kid in us: imagining being in the virtual video game world. But The Expendables is the real thrill! Have you seen the vehicles they've used in the movie, from aircraft to land cruisers? Dude, it's like seeing real mercenaries right in that box!

מרפאת שיניים

Amazing post with wonderful video shared by you. I read deeply regarding Hollywood contents. Great job done by you.

John TIll

Thanks for the video, I am a big fan of scott pilgrim.

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