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Thursday, 10 June 2010



Stop quoting Meades and set Google back to white! Have you got nothing else to do - really? I bet you're a delight at a dinner party.

David Wilding

Slightly harsh AB. Great post Chris, white matters. So does novelty of course and I suspect this is what this will turn out to be. More's the point doesn't it make the user experience poorer rather than richer? It distracts from the text box rather than enhances it. I personally enjoy google changing its logo periodically (for Olympics, World Aids day or whatever) but playfully subverting an icon for a short time is one thing (and actually enhances the engram) bastardising it in this way (even with a picture of something people hold dear) is quite another. Would be fascinated to know how many people actually do this in the real world.

Aaron Boekestein

So let's compare Google to its contemporaries in its simplest form; a search engine. Apart from being the largest, how it uncompromisingly sets itself apart form the Bings and the Yahoos is in fact its simplicity. So too right, Chris. What Google is now compromising is it's uniqueness. Come on Google - why conform now?!

Blue Eyes

I agreee with the recognisability of the Google homepage. I also think that imitating a "desktop" is a small step towards Google's invasion of the operating system industry. Customising one's wallpaper is an integral part of setting up a new computer, and I think Google are getting us ready for the moment when Google itself will be our wallpaper.

chris stephenson

thanks for the comments.

very interesting observation Blue Eyes - would certainly make sense for this to be a step towards Google lending itself towards being our desktop.

...and once that's in play you're only a "now you can drag links to your favourite applications (eg Chrome) onto your Google 'desktop'" and a "Google OS launches" away from Google owning the lot.

in that context, fascinating stuff.

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