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Thursday, 08 October 2009



Not sure how Neil presented my point, but you'd be very mistakened to think that I believe social media will replace anything.

I simply believe both that advertising lost its way and that the IPA's labelling (not the participants) of the evening as a social media event was also misguided.

chris stephenson

deffo didn't get the take-out that you think social media is replacing anything. quite the opposite in fact - as you point out fireworks have an important role...

I was responding specifically to the point that the advertising emperor had no clothes, which I fundamentally disagree with. the clothes are very often brilliant (like Meerkat).

not sure I thought the labelling of the event was misguided... why do you say that?


It was labelled on the IPA site and referred to by Rory as a social media event. Talking to the various speakers in the weeks beforehand, they saw it differently - about marketing having to be social, not about marketing having to be focussed on social media.

And the meerkat is terrific advertising, good old-fashioned differentiation in a commodity market. But one of the reasons it's praised is that it is so rare.

Amelia T

@John we debated what to call the evening for a long time, but at the moment given that the industry uses the term Social Media (even if we think its the wrong phrase)we felt it would be sensible to title it that way. Otherwise we would have called it something like Social Communications which we worried might confuse people.

What would you have called it?


A BBH APG paper recently called it; strategy in a digital world, not digital strategy.

Not catchy enough perhaps? Should probably crowd-source it.

Nice post Chris.

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