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Thursday, 19 February 2009


Account Deleted

Clay Shirky was talking about something to do with this the other week; it used to be the case that you could motivate people to come together and do something where there was financial motivation to do so (private sector), or it was necessary for the good of everyone (public sector).

Now because the 'cost' of bringing people together is so low, there's a third reason people will do stuff... 'just because'.

Because it's fun, or connects them to others, or builds their ego, or helps kill time, or makes them feel better about themselves.

It's why Aleks the Meerkat now has 174k friends on Facebook, up from 90k when I looked last week?!?! Why? Hell, why not.

So for something like this, maybe the thrill is in the chase... but from the way you describe it above, it maybe just ain't 'thrilly' enough...

Anyway, more on the Shirkty thing here, if you wannit: http://bit.ly/justbecause

chris stephenson

hey chap

thanks for the comment and the link - great stuff... really interesting observation that the cost of bringing people together is so low. its similar to an observation Shirky made at MGEITF last summer; that its the low cost of distribution thats changing the economics of (TV) production.

whilst I buy the 'just because' third way. I don't think that you can go about planing what way.

agency : "we thinking you should do X"
client: "why?"
agency: "just because"

"why would people do that" is a question we still need to ask of ideas in the planning process. of course, understanding why people then subsequently do or don't engage with what we create is a whole other ball game...

Anthony Delany

Interesting observations about the gofindit.net site, a few free wallpapers and ringtones cannot really be considered a reward these days. Since your original post the site has sprung another branch though, in the shape of a map with hundreds of discoveries pinned all over it. Really interesting discoveries too (for the most part), and the option to add your own content. Perhaps the planners answered more questions than you thought, because this doesn’t look like a launch and abandon campaign. Here’s the deeplink so you can Find It http://www.ka.ford.eu/default.asp?locale=en-gb&deeplink=road

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