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Tuesday, 10 June 2008



This is interesting.
Its fairly obvious, but I think the way we move - and the places we go are a direct result of physical and mental restrictions (as well no doubt as loads of other stuff).
In Victorian times people would clearly have had a much more limited sphere of influence, than modern folks - the local pub and maybe the village over the hill.
Digital (in this case online) behaiviour may be similar to 1st life (ho ho) movement, but in the case of digital the playground keeps growing and more fundementally the rules of how we interact with the space change.

Now I like hanging out in sandpits. Always have done. And most people are creatures of habit. Find somthing within your set of restrictions and stick with it, afterall it works. Problem is with all these digital changes going on, this same comfortable area probably won't work as well as it does now all the time.
One of the big differences with cyber space is that information is not restricted in the same way as movement is. Movement has to be linear - one page, blog whatever at a time. You move from one to the next consuming what you need. But at the same time information is coming in from all angles. In this case its Chris reacting to an article and writing a blog. Next thing you know I'm reading his blog.
So the point is. Worlds/environments that mimic real world limitations will have similar movement patterns to the real world. Areas based on other dynamics will result in a wholly different geography.

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