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Wednesday, 06 December 2006


Rarely Wrong

aggregation of content? No. aggregation of audience? Yes- probably. people do not watch tv channels, they watch programmes. why do they watch programmes? because people like them, find them entertaining. why are these programmes made? because enough people watch them to make them (commercially) viable. why are there enough people watching them to make them commercially viable? because they're good. and why do they want to watch it on TV? because it's the best environment in which to view. what we are seeing is not the death of the TV programme, but the death of the TV channel. seeing a mentos fizz in a coke bottle on youtube is not watching a programme on TV. it's watching a fuzzy 30" clip of something that's interesting once and once only. this isn't going to fulfill someone's evening entertainment.

chris stephenson

interesting stuff, thanks for your comment... indeed, you are rarely wrong not just by name!

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