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Tuesday, 31 August 2010



Can't help you with the Australian version, but the UK one is showing growing pains at the moment. There's been an "autotune" scandal and also someone else has been kicked off the show for being "mental" There's a bit of a trend in this half of the hemisphere where people seem to have had enough of the manipulation and lack of realness in these reality shows.


Unsure if this has been covered in previous entries however the gamble that Ten and Fremantle took in bringing X Factor back to Oz is nothing short of monumental. The format was first introduced in 2005 and whilst blame for it's premature demise was often thrown at a crowded "Reality Talent" pool, there were questions over the judging panel's suitability as well as the lower production values.

In my opinion, the allegiance that Australians pledge to their reality shows of choice pail against the proven UK loyalty to their televisions. Always has.
Call it climate, population size, differing interests, shorter attention spans... I don't know, the pattern however has proven that with each reality offering the Australian market seems to wane in interest and bury their programs long before the UK will be ready to put one to bed.

Newton's unceremonious exit from the show (from my sources) did result in a flurried one week re-edit over at Fremantle, of some pretty big portions of the first four eps. Re-recording Luke Jakobz new voiceovers and some skittled plot lines undoubtedly resulted in the mediocre plotting... if anyone was a wavering viewer on Monday I doubt they'll be inclined to return too readily.
Perhaps too, the reliance on a cookie cutter, overly familiar progression to the presentation likens it too much to now dead and buried Popstars, Aus Idol and the competing Australia's Got Talent.

Too much of the same.

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